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american book publications

Your Dream of Becoming a Bestselling Author Can Become True With Our Special Publishing Services.

Release the book you've always wanted to write to start your writing career. With over a million satisfied clients worldwide, we are committed to assisting you in becoming successful in the literary world. We provide writing, editing, publishing, and marketing services.

  • We have designed our all-inclusive service package to meet all of your writing needs. We provide a full range of services, including ghostwriting, editing, formatting, website development, book cover design, publishing, marketing, and more.
  • At our organization, you will find a dedicated team of subject-matter experts, comprising over a hundred professional writers and editors, an experienced publisher, seasoned marketing consultants, and dedicated project managers.
  • These professionals are all in-house and combine their skills to bring your book to life. We have over 10 years of expertise and a wealth of knowledge from our work in the book development and publishing industries. Give us permission to utilise this knowledge to your author's advantage.
  • We promise to be there to support you in improving your book and to deliver exceptional service that will set you apart from the competition and bring you great success.

The Author's Essentials

Have you done all the hard yards writing and completing your book and looking to find out what the next step is? Don’t worry, as The American Publisher have your back. We will provide a range of services to take you to the next step easily!

From Raw Transcripts to Published Books!

Book Creation

Bring your ideas to life through innovative writing techniques and expert manuscript development.

Publication of Books

Publish your manuscript as a book with a professional publisher with the help of our platform.

Book Production

Produce professionally formatted eBooks and printed work through full-service self-publishing solutions.

Manuscript Refinement

Skilled editors refine your storytelling through comprehensive line editing, fact-checking, and feedback.

Cover Artists

Brand your book with captivating, custom cover designs tailored to your vision.

Publication Promotion

Maximize readership through strategic marketing plans across online and offline channels.

Audio Adaptation

Transform your narrative into an immersive audio experience through professional voice actors.

Author Platform

Build a vibrant online author platform and readership through websites, newsletters, and events.


Have you ever imagined your book adorning shelves, captivating bookstore browsers, and enchanting readers? Does the mere idea of holding your published work fill you with excitement and anticipation?

  • Our comprehensive package of services is made to accommodate all of your writing requirements. We offer a comprehensive solution, ranging from book cover design, publishing, marketing, website building, video book trailers, and more, to ghostwriting, editing, and formatting.
  • The time has come to turn your dreams into reality and start accomplishing.
  • At The American Publisher, we introduce you to a dedicated team driven by passion, committed to transforming aspiring authors like you into acclaimed storytellers.
  • Say goodbye to writer's block and embark on your publishing journey with us.
american book publications

Skill and Industry Know-How

With a plethora of experience in the field of publishing our platform The American Publisher has the correct knowledge to cater to any needs clients bring to us. We have gurus and experienced campaigners in the book proofreading and editing service to help you in the best way possible. You can rely on us if you are looking to get top-quality services.

Dedication to Author Success

Your success is the first thing on our priority list, we make sure to assist and help authors, fulfilling their needs promptly. From being active in giving you tips with editing to helping to give out strategies for marketing, we at The American Publisher are here to help you out. We are dedicated to bringing quality book copy editing services to clients and readers.


Compilation of Achievements

Every project tells its distinct tale, illustrating our dedication to publishing excellence. Whether you're in search of inspiration or contemplating publishing with us, delve into our collection and discover the art of storytelling at our professional book services in USA.

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Your Premium Publishing Partner

The American Publisher

Premier book publishing service delivering expertly crafted, high-quality manuscripts. From editing to printing, we turn your stories into bestselling books. Your success is our priority.

Our Goal-Oriented Process

Discover our meticulous editing, design, strategic marketing, and seamless distribution process. Each stage is thoughtfully designed to refine your book and captivate your audience.


Manuscript Analysis and Editing

Discover our meticulous editing, design, strategic marketing, and seamless distribution process. Each stage is thoughtfully designed to refine your book and captivate your audience.


Creative Design and Layout

Our team of dedicated designers makes sure that they craft some of the best creative designs and layouts for your book. The readability and overall design of the book would be taken care of in the best possible way through us.


Strategic Marketing and Promotion

We will put in place some of the most effective marketing and promotion to make sure that your book finds the readers in the quickest time. The readers will find your book everywhere through our effective and strategic marketing and promotions.


Distribution and Launch

Lastly, we take care of the distribution logistics. We orchestrate a smooth launch, overseeing pre-orders, reviews, and distribution operations to amplify visibility and drive sales momentum.

1,000+ customers appreciate our services.

  • MG
  • Sophia Johnson

    1 review   us


Fantasy Writer

Collaborating with The American Publisher was an absolute delight! They made sure that my book was not only published in the best way possible, but it reached the audience promptly. I‘d like to thank the team for the work.

  • JB
  • Michael Adams

    1 review   us


Mystery Writer

The professionalism shown by the team at The American Publisher team was great, and it made sure that the book was taken care of in the best way possible. Surely, one of the top publishing companies in the US.

  • RW
  • Emily Roberts

    1 review   us


Presenter & Creator

I’m immensely grateful to the team at The American Publisher for making my book sky-rocket, and stand head and shoulders above the competitors. They were very proactive and professionally handled the work.

  • Oa
  • David Lee

    1 review   us



Opting for The American Publisher was the greatest choice I made for my book. Their dedication to author success shines through in every engagement. They transformed my concepts into tangible reality and guided me through the intricacies of the publishing realm.